Houston, We Had A Problem…

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It was a (planned) relaxed Sunday afternoon of clean-up after our latest attempts of Freya+2, when our website went dark. Not only did the website go dark, so did the server it was running on. But these things are not uncommon, and we were anticipating that everything would come back in good order with a cold reboot – but was not the case.

Unity Paths New Server - Its a Beast!

Unity Path's New Server!

In fact, our server was dead and the hard drive went with it. Unrecoverable, and believe me – we tried.

A mad scramble to recover everything we could data mine, retrieve last weeks spreadsheets with the DKP values, any graphics assets in various caches then was launched – and two days later we had a workable physical presence on the web, but everything prior was gone. However, as with all raid forces, nostalgia doesn’t get the job done – you are only as good as your last raid. And on that basis, we’re forging a new chapter in Unity Path’s four year history on a blank canvas.

The oldest group on Earthen Ring and, at the time of this post, the most successful group on Earthen Ring. By any and all means necessary.

<a href="http://www.wowhead.com/?item=38290" target="_blank">Dark Iron Smoking Pipe</a>)</p>


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