Unity Path Achieve Realm First! Death’s Demise

And with the defeat of Yogg+0 came the Realm First! Death’s Demise titles, the second time we’ve taken the honour on Earthen Ring – the first of course being for the first kill of Algalon. A fitting reward for everyone for the half-year Ulduar campaign, and of course not forgetting those who missed out on […]

Unity Path Achieve Alone In The Darkness! (Realm First)

To say the previous weeks were scrappy on this fight would have been a gross understatement. The fine edge of doing Yogg+1 with less gear had been lost as we pushed hard into the Heroic Colosseum, and there were all sorts of errors on display in a prime example of deja-vu. However, a fairly brutal […]

Unity Path Achieve A Tribute To Mad Skill! (Realm First)

After narrowly missing A Tribute To Skill the previous week, we more than made up for that minor oversight by taking A Tribute To Mad Skill with 46 attempts remaining for the week. In fact, we were perilously close to taking the big one – 50/50 and A Tribute To Insanity, however we fumbled the […]

Unity Path Defeat Anub’arak Heroic! (Realm First)

It’s taken a month, but Anub’arak finally hit the deck. A number of the old hands were surprised by the sheer viciousness of the encounter design – this is a legitimate test. P1/P2 were sorted out to satisfaction after two weeks but P3, well P3 is something else entirely. There are some fights, and fight […]

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