Unity Path Defeat Atramedes Heroic! (Realm First)

Similar to Maloriak in that the route forwards was quite obvious from the opening night of action, but the final execution took a few more evenings to perfect. However, most notable for us was our first Realm First since finishing Icecrown Citadel Heroic. Cataclysm saw the whole structure of the team change, and we’ve been […]

Unity Path Defeat Maloriak Heroic!

Both fun and frustrating at the same time, we had the actuals sorted within an evening or so – however, the first-kill execution just kept going wrong around the 30% mark for another evening. Once we got into the enrage phase, a few more pulls saw it bagged, tagged and stacked. This brings us level […]

Unity Path Defeat Chimaeron Heroic!

For the DPS, it was two days of munching popcorn whilst the tanks and the healers got used to the increased requirements of the heroic version. There’s no great shakes, it’s all just turned up to eleven. We used the (in hindsight) wrong tactic for a night and a half, which wasn’t helpful – but […]

Unity Path Defeat Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic!

Tuned very steeply for the 10 man format, Halfus Heroic took some time to get the tactics right – once there, it took a little too much time to nail the final kill – but which was certainly very rewarding. Whilst we know that Blizzard are having difficulties balancing the 10-man version of the game, […]

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