Unity Path Defeat Freya+3 (Faction First)

We probably should have done this last week, but we decided to just mop everything up in a couple of days and have a couple of days breather after the exertions of the weeks before. And within 5 pulls on the night, we cleaned up. In real terms, adding the last Watcher – the ground […]

Unity Path Defeat The Twin Val’kyr! (Realm First)

Yet another simple Colosseum 25 boss, and swiftly despatched with a messy, if successful, one-shot. However, you can certainly see the potential of the fight in Heroic mode when the various elements – and the raid damage – are amped up to 11! Congratulations to the loot winners: Windspeace with [item]Boots of the Mourning Widow[/item], […]

Unity Path Defeat The Faction Champions! (Realm First)

Another week, another swiftly despatched boss in the somewhat tepid Colosseum 25 Normal. Sounded interesting on paper with much potential for confusion, but it’s simply a “don’t get caught, and slap down as much CC as possible” fight in normal mode at least- which was duly one-shotted. However, the Heroic version should be a very […]

Unity Path Defeat Yogg+1 Keeper (Realm First)

This was a hard fight. Very hard, with much stress which pushed us to our gear limits. The recent patch brought a slight nerf to Yogg’s P3 health, luring us to Yogg+1 before killing Yogg+2, but with out the damage multipliers of the other Keepers it felt like we’d stepped back three months before the […]

Unity Path Defeat Lord Jaraxxus! (Realm First)

Less challenging version of Kel’Thuzad, with somewhat better loot is how to sum this chap up. Once the Mages got their head around being spell steal stooges again, the boss simply can’t do the damage to threaten the tank. Again, entertaining whilst in progress, just not difficult. However, Blizzard are obviously marking time until the […]

Unity Path Defeat Freya+2! (Realm First)

It’s taken a couple of weeks and a complete reworking of everything we’ve been doing – with success – up to Freya+1, but we finally landed her with two Guardians up. That’s the beauty with these “hard mode” fights – what went before may not get the job done when you put another element on […]

Unity Path Defeat The Northrend Beasts! (Realm First)

It’s a bit of a stretch to put this down as a meaningful Server First, as the content was hardly challenging – but we did smash into the instance at the first available opportunity when the patch lag cleared up to take the spoils. Entertaining fight whilst it’s in progress, it’s just not very difficult […]

Houston, We Had A Problem…

It was a (planned) relaxed Sunday afternoon of clean-up after our latest attempts of Freya+2, when our website went dark. Not only did the website go dark, so did the server it was running on. But these things are not uncommon, and we were anticipating that everything would come back in good order with a […]

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