Unity Path Defeat Yogg+1 Keeper (Realm First)

Posted on | August 17, 2009 | No Comments

This was a hard fight. Very hard, with much stress which pushed us to our gear limits. The recent patch brought a slight nerf to Yogg’s P3 health, luring us to Yogg+1 before killing Yogg+2, but with out the damage multipliers of the other Keepers it felt like we’d stepped back three months before the first kill back in May. We literally had no margin at all. But the final kill was satisfying in a way which we certainly hadn’t seen since Vezax and probably not since Yogg+4 all those months ago.

Congratulations to Rhoanna who bagged the first iLevel 239 loot from this particular monster with [item]Treads of the False Oracle[/item], but congratulations to all. We’ll be looping back towards the remaining Keeper hard modes in the coming weeks, but I think we might have just earned a very small breather in the coming raiding week!

Threads of the false oracle


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