Unity Path Defeat The Crimson Hall! (Realm First)

Whilst it has to be said we made a complete mess of the fight the previous instance reset, the highlight being wiping at 2% in a night filled with new and wonderful ways of self-destructing on the way down, the return bout this week yielded a kill within four pulls. An excellently tuned fight, completely […]

Unity Path Defeat The Plagueworks! (Realm First)

None of us thought that Blizzard would put such a finely tuned boss in the normal version of the instance. The limited attempt mechanic, coupled with next to no information about the boss created a buzz around the fight which hasn’t been seen for a while. Festergut gave us no problems at all, Rotface a […]

Unity Path Achieve A Tribute To Insanity! (Faction First)

This had to be one of the more annoying achievements. Two months ago, we blew it at 11% of the Anub’arak takedown due to an incredibly vexing oversight by a passive healer (the group died), and since then there’s been week after week of random disconnections of MT’s, a couple of questionable errors or just […]

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