Unity Path Defeat Warmaster Blackhorn Heroic! (Realm First)

After Ultraxion, this fight is definitely more like it. Phase 1 and the opening two minutes of Phase 2 are genuinely tricky at the gear level we reached the fight at – the last bit of Phase 2 isn’t in the same league although it’s still a challenge towards the end for the healers. Our […]

Unity Path Defeat Ultraxion Heroic! (Realm First)

For all the talk of this fight being a nasty gear check – well, it wasn’t. Definitely the easiest fight other than Morchok, we rolled up to this thinking we’d have a bit of a nibble on the last day of the raiding week following the Hagara kill and got to within 1% of a […]

Unity Path Defeat Hagara The Stormbringer Heroic! (Faction First)

Happy New Year! And we kicked off with putting Hagara down. This is definitely a healer centric fight due to the big scary damage numbers, whilst DPS requirements are only significant in the ice phase as you want it over with as soon as possible. However, on balance, it’s certainly a touch easier than than […]

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