Unity Path Defeat Saurfang Heroic! (Realm First)

Harder than Festergut, which was “simply” a DPS race, as this factors in the additional problems of a crippling load on the healers in the last 30% of the fight, along with the requirement to execute perfect crowd control of the five adds, which are buffed to high heaven in the Heroic form. Three days […]

Unity Path Defeat Queen Lana’thel Heroic! (Realm First)

And so we become the first team on Earthen Ring to clear an Heroic wing with the fairly comprehensive take down of the Blood Queen. Stiffer DPS requirements to be sure, and more punishing in terms of loose positioning in the air phase, but the fight really isn’t any more complicated than it’s Normal counterpart. […]

Unity Path Defeat Blood Princes Heroic! (Faction First)

In truth, we should have taken this fight the week before, but we chose to go to Festergut and stay on it until it was dead. When we eventually went to the Princes, we found it to be a very straightforward fight in real terms and one which didn’t put up an awful lot of […]

Unity Path Save Valithria Dreamwalker Heroic! (Realm First)

We were surprised at this kill as we’d only intended to do some initial fact finding about the boss, with the minimal time left after the Festergut kill, before going after it the day after in earnest. As it so happened, it hit the deck only an hour later thanks to some superior work by […]

Unity Path Defeat Festergut Heroic! (Realm First)

By far the hardest of the fights we’ve so far attempted, and in hindsight we probably went for the hardest of the remaining opening wing bosses first. We peppered the target with multiple sub-1% wipes, even failing by the slender margins of 64K and 90K damage in a boss fight with a pool of 41 […]

Unity Path Defeat Rotface Heroic! (Realm First)

We washed out quite irritatingly on this fight for an evening as we had the raid balance and approach entirely wrong. There’s not much more to the fight than in normal in truth, and after an a period of consideration, it promptly hit the deck within three pulls on the following evening. Congratulations to the […]

Unity Path Defeat Gunship Battle Heroic! (Realm First)

Utter pushover. The only thing which will ever stop a team, who has already killed The Lich King to get into the heroic instance in the first place, from one-shotting this is the Lag Monster. However, congratulations to Kwis who bagged [item]Scourge Hunter’s Vambraces[/item]. Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand

Unity Path Defeat Lord Morrowgar Heroic! (Realm First)

And so the heroic campaign began. Arguably easier than the 10-man heroic as there’s less randomness affecting all or most of your healers at once, this was still no quick pushover. Congratulations to the first heroic loot winners: Sehana with [item]Frozen Bonespike[/item] and Gojina with [item]Loop of Endless Labyrinth[/item]. Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand

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