Unity Path Become Celestial Defenders!

The defeat of Algalon (below), was only one part of the story. As Blizzard have stated repeatedly, they regard the defeat of Algalon as a particular milestone in the history of a Realm and reward that achievement with a unique title to those involved on the kill, and broadcast the event to everyone logged in, […]

Unity Path Defeat Algalon The Observer! (Realm First)

The capitulation of Algalon received the loudest cheer of the expansion – since we landed M’uru in Sunwell Plateau over a year ago. 22 weeks, almost half a year, since we stumbled in to Ulduar with the messy defeat of Flame Leviathan, the final boss was defeated in one of Blizzard’s best ever instances. Congratulations […]

Unity Path Defeat Onxyia! (Realm First)

It was nice to see the old girl again – over three years since we last saw the place – but the fight lacked any of the original’s substance. Back in the day, even in good Molten Core gear, the fight was still a focus check – this you could do with your eyes closed […]

Unity Path Defeat Faction Champions Heroic! (Realm First)

We went into this expecting to be messy and I don’t think anyone was disappointed in that particular regard! 17 attempts however saw a bunch of PvE raiders refine a technique just about good enough to incapacitate, shut down and otherwise kite the Faction Champions around, whilst doing enough damage to the primary targets to […]

Unity Path Defeat Lord Jaraxxus Heroic! (Realm First)

Not quite as intimidating as The Northrend Beasts, this is a pure technique fight rather than technique coupled with a gear check – although obviously more gear makes things easier. 18 pulls saw us take the spoils – not insignificant, but certainly the first kill was looking on after the first hour or thereabouts. Congratulations […]

Unity Path Defeat Northrend Beasts Heroic! (Realm First)

We snaffled another Realm first in the Heroic Colosseum, however this was a proper fight indeed. The first week, we were given something of a bloody nose on the fight, and our damage was a bit off – also our technique in hindsight. We also had bigger fish to fry re: Firefighter and unlocking Algalon. […]

Unity Path Achieve Glory Of The Ulduar Raider! (Realm First)

And with Firefighter finally achieved, only Crazy Cat Lady remained to complete a number of meta achievements – which was added without fuss on the return trip as we’d deliberately left Auriaya alive en-route to Mimiron. Congratulations to the entire team – the Glory of the Ulduar Raider has been a work in progress since […]

Unity Path Defeat Mimiron Firefighter! (Faction First)

The fight has a horrific reputation, but I think the team did very well – five wipe nights total and the boss hit the deck with quite a bit of margin to spare on the ten minute enrage – in relative terms of course! Big kudos to the healing team – we pulled the fight […]

Unity Path Defeat Anub’arak! (Realm First)

Colosseum 25 Normal was brought to a close with the defeat of Anub’arak – an interesting encounter, and not quite a one-shot, but it was still short work for the team and another Realm First. We then went off to the Heroic and wiped all evening on the Northrend Beasts, which is certainly a very […]

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