Unity Path Defeat Anub’arak! (Realm First)

Posted on | September 2, 2009 | No Comments

Colosseum 25 Normal was brought to a close with the defeat of Anub’arak – an interesting encounter, and not quite a one-shot, but it was still short work for the team and another Realm First. We then went off to the Heroic and wiped all evening on the Northrend Beasts, which is certainly a very stiff gear check.

Congratulations to the loot winners: Minbrah with [item]Signet of the Traitor King[/item], Toban with [item]Reign of the Unliving[/item], Kwis with [item]Archon Glaive[/item] and Dorloni with [item]Trophy of the Crusade[/item].


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