Unity Path Defeat Cho’gall Heroic! (Faction First)

Compared to Al’Akir, this was a relative straightforward fight – except that it just didn’t go our way. There are some quite strict DPS requirements to get the phase transition right and power into Phase 2, and for one reason or another we were mired on 4% wipes for two weeks – which is even […]

Unity Path Defeat Al’Akir Heroic! (Realm First)

Two weeks to the day of the Nefarian Heroic kill, the next end-instance boss fell – Al’Akir. Al’Akir is very front-loaded in the brutal phase 1 – giving an almost vertical learning curve and the impression of very little progress. So much so, that you could have passed the razor blades out after 4 days […]

Unity Path Defeat Nefarian Heroic! (Realm First)

And Nefarian fell, for the second time. We’ll ignore the Cataclysm Normal version, we’re referring to the 40-man raid boss and now it’s revised Heroic version. The history of the group stretches back to 2005, and a great shout went up when the old fellow was put away again. The fight is best categorised as […]

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