Unity Path Defeat Cho’gall Heroic! (Faction First)

Posted on | May 30, 2011 | No Comments

Compared to Al’Akir, this was a relative straightforward fight – except that it just didn’t go our way.

There are some quite strict DPS requirements to get the phase transition right and power into Phase 2, and for one reason or another we were mired on 4% wipes for two weeks – which is even more vexing when the boss gives up at 2%. In the end, the boss fell to more of a “good riddance” grunt of frustrated annoyance and an eagerness to set eyes on Sinestra.

Our time spent on Al’Akir, coupled with the above delays, put us behind the Realm First curve on this but we at least took the spoils next in line. Congratulations to our Horde counterparts on taking the honours.


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