Unity Path Defeat Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic!

Posted on | February 4, 2011 | No Comments

Tuned very steeply for the 10 man format, Halfus Heroic took some time to get the tactics right – once there, it took a little too much time to nail the final kill – but which was certainly very rewarding.

Whilst we know that Blizzard are having difficulties balancing the 10-man version of the game, the overwhelming feeling is that it’s a little over-tuned at present unless you bring exactly the optimal raid composition for a fight – which of course simply isn’t possible in this format. However, this is just something to be overcome.

Update 9/02/11: This fight got hit with the nerfbat – the second kill was stupidly easy (and a one-shot) compared to the first kill. Bearing in mind the above, the nerfbat came down a little too hard.


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