Game Over? Not Likely. Time For Cataclysm!

Posted on | December 6, 2010 | No Comments

To say that everyone was exhausted after the Lich King 25 Heroic kill would be an understatement. To land the fight before the 4.0 patch, when it was still at the proper difficulty level, was a monumental effort. We should have gotten there faster – much faster – but when people think they are indespensible then they tend to act with a certain arrogance, an arrogance which – unfortunately – had to be dealt with. However, people manned-up, the fight was done, the team stood proud.

And then we collapsed into a heap.

However, we’re now back in harness. We’re mere hours away from the next expansion, and what we can say is that we’ll be there – carving our way through the content. Exactly how remains to be seen. PvP is back on the agenda with the rated battlegrounds, and the end result to the changes to the PvE mechanics have yet to be seen. But, what ever we do and however we do it, it will be in our usual fashion: “by any and all means necessary.”


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