Unity Path Defeat Sinestra Heroic! (Faction First)

Posted on | June 24, 2011 | No Comments

Killing Sinestra in the 10 man, and known to be harder, version of the fight would be challenge enough. Add to that not having the services of a warlock, boomkin or shadow priest (one of the three considered essential by virtually all 10-man tactics) and further complicated with the Firelands 4.2 patch likely to arrive within three weeks of the first proper pull of the boss made for a quite insane challenge.

It has to be said that we threw the kitchen sink at this boss, racking up 377 pulls over 15 nights – betting on perfect execution winning the day, rather than farming additional gear, or reworking the tactics as we’d usually do. In final 3 days we kept missing by the most infuriating amounts, but in the end Sinestra fell to the final pull of the night – just when no-one expected it, we got an almighty run when Essence of the Red finished and everyone remained standing.

And with that, Tier-11 is pretty much finished as regards progression content. We skipped Omnotron Defense System Heroic in order to go after Al’Akir, and the Ascendant Council made way for Sinestra. It would have been nice to get everything done, but it wasn’t to be. In hindsight, there were a few wrong turns taken in the last six months and those just cost us a bit too much time – but I think now is the right time for 4.2.

We were the only team to complete all three end-instance bosses in Heroic (Nefarian, Al’Akir, Sinestra), taking two out of the three Realm First! achievements. We finished first on the Realm, with a WoWProgress score of 21561.12, and (as of 24/06/11) a world ranking of 306 in the 10-man format, and 813 in all formats.


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