Unity Path Defeat Ragnaros Heroic! (Realm First)

Posted on | November 7, 2011 | No Comments

If there’s one truth in raiding, it’s that on a really challenging end boss, you burn time very quickly whilst progressing very slowly. Ragnaros was an excellent example. Not quite in the class of M’uru or maybe Lich King Heroic, but it was certainly a cut above everything else there’s been in the game. Well, maybe not Yogg Saron+0 or C’Thun.

493 pulls saw the boss finally hit the deck, after some close shaves in the week prior. In the end, the first-kill was solid  – everyone could feel it coming on the night, it was just a matter of time after a bruising two months. Phase 4 is the tricky part of the fight, and we got there repeatedly somewhere in late-September. That wasn’t the problem. Unfortunately, the fight then begins again and the sins of the previous phases then find you out. Multiple meteors and multiple traps simply see you wipe multiple times. Rather too quickly. And so began five weeks of nine minute pulls to Phase 4, and then running back from the graveyard all but a minute later. Not always in good humour either.

But we got there and finished the Firelands – again as first on the Realm, with a WoWProgress score of 17666.67 and a world ranking of 778 in the 10-man format.

Whilst Ragnaros Heroic was an epic encounter, Firelands itself wasn’t of the same quality as some of the other instances. Ignoring the pure challenge of the final fight, our views were coloured by the quite ludicrous nerfs to the pre-Ragnaros instance in early-September which insulted all the effort spent getting the earlier bosses down. With one instance left in this expansion, it would be nice to think that this will not be repeated.


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