Unity Path Defeat Madness of Deathwing Heroic! (Realm First)

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Whilst the effort taking down Spine was considerable, the blur of long raids and late finishes continued with it’s counterpart. We got two solid nights on the same reset and made the decision that this was a technique fight, rather than an increased gear check. This wasn’t an easy decision but one which ultimately proved to be correct – with us killing it on the final night of the reset, before a further 5% nerf.

For a 15 minute fight, it goes surprisingly quickly – but to summarise the fight, it’s all about Platform 4 and the final 20 seconds of Phase 2 – not unlike the pinch-points seen in Spine. We were consistently getting there after four days and had some near misses the night prior, but we put the expansion to bed on the 6th pull of the evening – with literally only a second left before the adds cannoned into the boss and we were sunk.

The pressure was considerable, not because of the fight – as Spine was definitely the firmer challenge – but because holidays had been booked in December for March which would have compromised the set up during the next two raiding resets. And with the incoming 5% nerf, it was likely that would have been too long to take the Realm First spoils. That was the real story of this fight. The restructuring forced on us after Blackhorn had not been anticipated, but worse than the event itself – it looked to be coming back to bite us at precisely the wrong time. In a testament to the membership, everyone looked down the barrel of the gun and pulled long hours and re-arranged their lives not only for Madness but also on Spine for the subsequent seven week period. It was probably the cleanest and purest period of raiding we’ve had in many years. Nothing else mattered, only the final result. By any and all means necessary.

And so, the Cataclysm was completed. The group finished Dragon Soul again as first on the Realm, with a WoWProgress score of 33333.33, and a 10-man ranking of World 429 and an overall ranking of World 643. We finished the expansion taking five of the six raiding Realm First achievements, only just missing Sinestra.

It wasn’t always an easy ride, but it was a memorable one. Sometimes for the wrong reasons, but more often for the right ones.


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